General Terms and Conditions


of Jitka Klett Fashion Design s.r.o,

Id.No.: 048 92 046, VAT: CZ04892046, registered office Haštalská 791/9, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1,

Registered in the commercial register with the Municipal Court in Prague, department C, insert 255203,

e-mail:, tel.: +420 605 186 521

(hereinafter also „Seller“).


I. General

  1. These general terms and conditions (further only „GTC“) have been made in accordance with the act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended (further only „CC“) and the act no. 634/1992 Coll., on protection of consumers, as amended (further only „Act“), and other applicable laws.
  2. These GTC regulate in accordance with sec. 1751 subs. 1 CC the mutual rights and obligations in connection with or on the basis of purchase agreements between the Seller and the persons who buy goods or services via the Seller´s internet shop. These GTC apply to all orders made by way of the webpages of the Seller,, regardless if these are classical webpages, webpages for mobile devices and applications and also for orders made by telephone.
  3. These GTC apply to customers, who are consumers within the meaning of sec. 2 subs. 1 lit. a) of the Act (further only  Buyer“) an do not apply in case the person who intends to purchase form the Seller is acting within the framework of her/his business activities.
  4. By ordering goods (conclusion of purchase contract), you declare your acceptance with these GTC and confirm that you made yourself properly acquainted with their content.
  5. The Seller reserves the right to amend, change or replace these GTC without prior notice. To your order, always that version of the GTC which was published on the web pages, at the time of sending of the respective order.


II. Ordered goods

  1. The display of any goods or services on, at a given time does neither indicate nor guarantee that those goods or services are available. We reserve the right to withdraw any product or service at any time.
  2. You express your earnest will to conclude a purchase contract by sending the order via, The sending of orders via, is free of charge.
  3. After your order has been received, you obtain a confirmation by email to the email address you indicated in your order. By confirmation of your order, the contract is concluded. The confirmation will be sent to the email address you indicated in your order.   
  4. In case we are not able to complete your order for any reason, we will inform you without delay to the email address you indicated in your order, or by phone in case you placed your order by phone. In case you already paid the purchase price, the respective amount will be returned to you.


III. Prices of goods and delivery

  1. The prices indicated on, are understood including applicable VAT.
  2. Prices on the internet and in shops may be different.
  3. Prices of goods do not contain delivery; transport costs are borne by the Buyer.


IV. Payment methods

  1. Credit or debit card: We accept payment by valid credit and debit cards (Visa or MasterCard). The respektive amount will be blocked on your card at the moment you’re your order, however it will not be charged unless the goods have been sent. We reserve the right to check if your credit or debit car dis valid, has a sufficient balance to cover your order and if the Buyer´s address data are correct. In relation to the results of this check, we may decline an order.
  2. Payment on delivery: In case of delivery via GLS or Zásilkovna, you can opt for payment on delivery. The Buyer has to cover the payment on delivery charges.
  3. Cash: You can pay in cash if you take over your ordered goods in the shops or studios of the Seller, which option you can choose when you place your order.
  4. Attached to our email confirming the sending of your ordered goods, we will send you the respective invoice.


V. Delivery

  1. After confirmation of your order, you will receive an email, to the email address you indicated in your order, with the expected delivery details.
  2. We do our best to fill orders as fast as possible, in the order we received them. It is our goal to send out goods with 2 to 4 working days after order confirmation. However, despite our efforts, delivery may take longer due to unexpected events or reasons on the side of the transport service providers.
  3. In case the wait for sending out of your ordered goods would take longer than 30 days, you have the right to cancel your order.
  4. In case you do not take over your ordered goods, we are entitled to charge you the appropriate expenses, in particular delivery costs. In case of payment up front, we will deduct these expenses from your payment and refund the balance to you.


VI. Returns

  1. You have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 30 days, without giving a reason. The withdrawal period starts on the date of delivery of the last item from the order.   
  2. In case of return, please proceed as follows:

    For items retun fill in this form

    and return to the address-copy address including the online shop ID (without this we will not be able to receive your package)

    For Czech Republic:

    online shop ID 95265618
    U Arborky 696
    190 15 Prague - Satalice

    For Slovak Republic

    Online shop ID 95265618
    Kopčianska 82/A
    851 01 Bratislava

    For other countries send us email: and we will send you address for return for your country


  3. Goods may be returned if they have not been used or worn and have the tags attached. The Buyer is responsible for any damage to the goods resulting from handling them in other ways than it is necessary to inspect them in a non-destructive manner for fitting, size, quality and function.  


VII. Claims for defects

  1. In case that a delivered item is defective, including transport damage, please raise your claim without delay by using the form you received with your delivery.
  2. We grant 2 years warranty from the date of hand-over of the goods. In case of defects, you may choose between the following options:
  • Removal of defects (repair), or
  • Appropriate discount from the purchase price, or
  • In case this isn´t inappropriate due to the nature of the defect, you may ask for delivery of a new item without defect or of a new component without defect, in case the defect does only concern that component.   

In case neither repair nor exchange of the product is possible, you may withdraw from the contract and ask for return of the full purchase price.

It is necessary to inform us about your chosen right together with your notification on the defect, or afterwards without delay. You may afterwards change your choice only in case you chose repair and the defect turned out to be unrepairable. Should you not notify us about your choice, we will in your stead choose the appropriate manner of rectifying your complaint.

  1. We will decide about your claim at the latest within three working days from the date we receive the goods you raise a claim about. Should an expert opinion be necessary for the decision, we will inform you about this fact within the same period.  Your complaint will be taken care of, including repair, within 30 days from the date we obtained the claim at the latest.


VIII. Colours and sizes

  1. We use our best efforts to show the features of our products, including material composition and colours, as correct as possible on our web pages. The colours you can see however depend on the device you use to visit our pages and we therefore cannot guarantee that your device will show you your products in their true colours.
  2. The sizes shown on our web pages are only indicative numbers and serve as a help for better understanding the design and cut of the individual products, but do not guarantee the factual measurements of the goods you will receive. The final measurements may differ depending on the material. 


IX. Ownership rights

  1. All intellectual property rights, such as trade marks and authors rights, in relation to the products and contents on, remain in the exclusive ownership of Jitka Klett. Any usage, including making full or party copies of the contents for other than private, non-commercial use is prohibited unless prior written consent has been given.


 X. Assignment of rights

  1. The Seller reserves the right to assign or pledge any of his claims for payments that arise in connection with the delivery of goods to third parties without limitations.      


XI. Final provisions

  1. All legal relationships and disputes that arise from and in connections with contracts in accordance with these GTC shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic and all ensuing disputes shall be decides by the competent courts of the Czech Republic.
  2. Contingent disputes between Seller and Buyer may also be solved out of court. For this purpose,  the Buyer – consumer –  may contact the Czech Business Inspection, which has been entrusted with solving disputes between consumers and businesses, or solve the dispute on-line with the help of the dedicated  ODR platforms.
  3. The contract is concluded in Czech language. In case a translation into another language is provided for the purposes of the Buyer, the decisive version of the contract in case of dispute shall be the Czech language version.
  4. These GTC are valid as of: 1.10.2019
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